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    First of all, we are seeing in Russia the collapse of a generally-believed ideology that underlies society and keeps it going.  The beginning of religious awakening in Russia is invariably accompanied by a loss of trust and faith in Communism—Communism not first of all as a political and economic system, but as a faith.  This is natural, because the first article of Communist faith is atheism, the "state religion" of the USSR, which makes sense only as a substitute for faith in God.  Belief in God naturally is bound up with disbelief in atheism and Communism, and that is why the religious awakening in Russia today is not merely something personal, but takes on the character of a national movement.
    In the West, our situation is really not so different from this as it might seem at first sight.  In the West we are also seeing the collapse of the generally-believed ideology of progress, democracy, and so-called "enlightenment"—a secular religion which until the mid-20th century was accepted without question by almost everyone in America and Western Europe.  The "Beat" and "Hippie" movements of the '50's and '60's were only the beginning of an attitude of disillusionment that is now widespread in Western society—so much so that a spokesman like Solzhenitsyn can freely tell the West that we have lost the will to fight Communism, not having deep enough faith in our own system.

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