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Welcome to the Web Photo Gallery!

This photo gallery brings you no less than 1747 pictures of different Orthodox Christian sights. They are meant to bring the Holy Orthodox Faith closer to the souls of the people. The Orthodox Church is the initial form of Christianity, long before Catholicism and Protestantism. It is the initial Christian Church, the Undivided Church, the Early Church that was formed 2000 years ago by our Lord Jesus Christ when after His Ascension, He sent down upon His Apostles the Holy Spirit to help them start building the Church - presently known as Eastern Orthodox Church.

Holy Fathers Orthodox Elders Athonite Hermits Icons & Frescoes
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Readings on The Church

The Nicene Creed - The Symbol of Faith of Orthodox Christians.
The Orthodox Church - the orthodox teaching, some contemporary questions, and more facts about how the Orthodox Churches are built.
I Believe...: A Short Exposition of Orthodox Doctrine
The Church is One - by Alexei Khomiakov, 1804--1860
Origin of the Orthodox Church
Finding the New Testament Church by Jon E. Braun
Beginning Orthodoxy - Part I | Part II
Where Is the True Church? Information on Churches and Sectarianism - Part I | Part II
Thoughts about the Kingdom of God, or the Church - by Bishop Alexander (Mileant)

On the Holy Scriptures

Where did the Bible come from?
About the Holy Bible - by Bishop Nathanael (Lvov, 1906-1985)
Understanding the Bible (Part 1)
Understanding the Bible (Part 9) - The Book of Revelation
How to Read the Bible - by Bishop Kallistos Ware
The Gospel Parables - by Bishop Alexander (Mileant)
The Old Testament in the New Testament Church - by Protopresbyter Michael Pomazansky
The Law of God: The Basics, Old Testament - by Archpriest Seraphim Slobodskoy
The Law of God: The New Testament - by Archpriest Seraphim Slobodskoy
The Law of God: On Faith, Life, Services - by Archpriest Seraphim Slobodskoy
The Sermon on the Mount
The Old Testament Regarding the Messiah
Sermon on the Mount - Matthew chapter 5-7 - by Blessed Theophilact

On Prayer, Worship, Holy Spirit

St. Seraphim of Sarov - On Acquisition of the Holy Spirit
Let us Learn to pray - advices given by Holy Theofan the Recluse
The Divine Services - by Archipriest Seraphim Slobodskoy
The Holy Spirit and His Varieties of Gifts - by Rev. George Mastrantonis
Prayers for Different Occasions

Church Saints & Fathers - lives and words of salvation

The Life and Teachings of Elder Siluan - by Bishop Alexander and Natalia Bufius
Selected Sermons of Saint John of Shanghai and San Francisco - Part I | Part II | Part III
Saint Nektarios of Egina (1846-1920)
Saint John of Kronstadt - Part I | Part II - by Bishop Alexander (Mileant)
A Spiritual Portrait of Saint John of Kronstadt - by Archimandrite Constantine (Zaitzev, 1888-1975)
St. Seraphim of Sarov - Life and Teachings
Elder Paisios the New of Mount Athos
Ambrose - Elder of Optina - by Bishop Alexander (Mileant), translated by Seraphim Larin
Articles by Fr. Seraphim Rose
The spiritual life in this world - excerpts from the sermons of Archbishop Sergious (Korolev) of Prague
The martyr of Christ Nun Heruvima - Petru Voda Monastery, Romania
Journey to Heaven - Part I & II | Part III - by Saint Tikhon’s of Zadonsk
The Way into the Kingdom of Heaven - by Saint Innokenty Bishop of Alaska
Instructions of the Holy Fathers on Spiritual Life - Part I | Part II | Part III - by Bishop Alexander (Mileant)

Various Orthodox Readings

Charismatic Revival As a Sign of the Times by Fr. Seraphim Rose
End of the World - an inside look at the end of the world and the Second Coming of Christ.
On the Law of God
A Comparison of the Mysticism of Francis of Assisi With That of St. Seraphim of Sarov
At the threshold of Fiery Gehenna - teachings of the Orthodox Church concerning Evil Spirits and God's Judgment over Them.
From “Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future” - by Seraphim Rose
Dogmas and Opinions - by Protopresbyter Michael Pomazansky
FAITH — Key to God's Treasury - by Bishop Alexander (Mileant)
Apologetic Notes - Part I | Part II - by Archpresbyter Father Michael Pomazansky
Rock Music - from a Christian Viewpoint
The Temple of God — an island of Heaven on our sinful earth - by Bishop Alexander (Mileant)
Apologetic Sketches - by Bishop Alexander (Mileant)
The Great Feast Days of the Orthodox Church
Celibacy, Marriage or "free love"... — Which way to choose? - by Bishop Alexander (Mileant)
Conscience - God's Voice In Mankind - by Bishop Alexander (Mileant)
Orthodox Psychotherapy - by Dr. Dmitri Aleksandrovici Avdeev
Talks about Faith - by Archbishop Nathanael (Lvov)

Readings in romanian

Lumina si Faptele Credintei - de Arhim. Ilie Cleopa, Arhim. Ioanichie Balan
Despre pacatul avortului - diferite texte care combat uciderea pruncilor in pantecele mamelor

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