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Athos Monks[play]
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Holy russian fathers martyrized during the communist era in Russia

Abbess Sophia in her later years Abbess Sophia of the Saint John Almsgiver Convent Archbishop Barlaam Archbishop Dimitry of Gdov Archbishop John
Archbishop Leonty as Arhimandrite Archbishop Pachomius of Chernigov Archbishop Seraphim when he was Abbot of Tolga Monastery Archibishop John in riga cathedral during the Great Blessing ... Archibishop Leonty of Chile
Bishop Andrew in mature years Bishop Andrew of Ufa as Arhimandrite in Kazan Bishop Herman Bishop Hierotheus of Nikolsk beside the body of his friend H ... Bishop Hierotheus of Nikolsk beside the body of his friend H ...
Bishop Onouphry in his later years Bishop Onouphry Boris Talantov Father Ismael Rozhdestvensky Father Michael
Father Michel with his dauther Father Nicholas with his grandson Father Nicholas Zagarovsky Father Seraphim before his martyrdom Metropolitan Joseph of Uglich
Metropolitan Joseph of Petrograd Pachomius holding the holy relics of Saint Theodosius of Che ... Propomartyr Vladimir of Kiev while Vicar Bishop Schema Bishop Macarius Solovsky Monastery before revolution
Tower of Solovsky Monastery in the winter of 1930 - communis ... Solovsky Monastery - communist prison Pkov Caves Monastery refectory where the Holy Bishop Macariu ...

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