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Panteleimon Monastery

The monastery of St. Panteleimon is built on an inlet of the Singitic Gulf beyond Xenophontos and before reaching Daphne. Dedicated to St. Panteleimon (feast day July 27th), it is also known as "ton Rosson" (of the Russians), "the coenobium of the Kallimachides" or simply "roussikon".An inscription above the entrance to the eso-narthex informs us that the katholikon was begun in 1812 and completed in 1821. It is dedicated to St. Panteleimon, and is built in the style of all the Athonite churches. Its walls are constructed of dressed stone and support eight domes, which unlike any others on Mount Athos, resemble the onion-domes of eastern Europe and terminate in a gilded cross.

Similar shaped domes roof the smaller chapels of the monastery. The interior of the katholikon is covered with frescoes in the Russian style, dating from the last century. Similarly, the richly decorated iconostasis is of Russian inspiration. A decree of 1875 laid down that the services held in the church must be chanted in both Greek and Russian, and this practice is still observed.

The treasures of the monastery include numerous portable icons, such as Our Lady of Jerusalem, St. John the Baptist, St. Panteleimon and a mosaic icon of St. Alexander Neuskij. There are also many sacerdotal vestments, mainly of Russian manufacture, crucifixes, pectorals, fragments of the True Cross and holy relics.

In the chapel of the Holy Canopy is a very fine chalice and a valuable printed copy of the Gospels, both gifts of the Grand Duke Constantine Nicholagevic' who visited the monastery in 1845.The library, housed in a two-storeyed building in the court, is rich in books and manuscripts. It contains some 1,320 Greek and another 600 Slav manuscripts, as well as leaves of parchment or paper codices now in folders. Of the many illuminated manuscripts we would mention two of the most richly illustrated, number 2, a Gospel Lectionary and number 6, the Sixteen Homilies of St. Gregory the Theologian. The library also contains more than 20,000 printed books in both Greek and Russian, amongst which are some rare editions.

A general view of the monastery from the sea An exterior view of the monastery from the sea One of the rooms in the monastery A general view of the monastery from the sea (2) From outside the monastery, you can see the domes and the be ...
From the front of the altar, the bell tower rises, and many ... The principal church within the monastery, follows the desig ...

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