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Various Orthodox Photos

The refectory of a great athonitic monastery An old photo of the Church of the Holy Apostles - Pec Patria ... Bishop Artemije and Bishop Joanikije at Djurdjevi Stupovi Mo ... Child kissing a father's hand Chopping woods
Church rite outside Cross of Emperor Dusan Decani 'horos' it is sacred dance of light during the polyel ... Father walking Fathers praying
Fathers walking out of a monastery Bishop giving indications Group picture of russian fathers (1) Group picture of russian fathers (2) Bishop Justinian of Maramures, Romania (middle), Archimandri ...
Holy Cross Pilgrims in Koncul Monastery, Serbia Russian believers waiting Russian Father praying Russian father standing next to an engraved cross
Sinan Pasha burns the relics of St. Sava at Vracar, Belgrade ... Russian Bishop talking to a lay man and a father The tomb of Archbishop Daniel - 14th century, Pec, Serbia The tomb of the Serb Orthodox Bishop Theodore of Lipljan 'Ul ... Tombs of St. King Stefan III and his sister Helen - Decani M ...
Transferring of relics of St.Sergius and St.Herman of Valaam ... Holy friday Orthodox feast Jerusalim Orthodox feast The members of the Holy Synod of the Romanian Orthodox Churc ...

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