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The Holy Spirit and His Varieties of Gifts
by Rev. George Mastrantonis

Man's Desire for Spiritual Uplifting

Man was created in the "image" and "likeness" of God. He was endowed with the power to progress on a free way, and to develop his personality in the countenance of God Himself. Originally God created and placed man in Paradise, where he was expected either to use his freedom rightly or to lose this privilege and corrupt his own nature. Man fell from the blissful state into a needy and sinful life where his nature, corrupted as it was, bequeathed this condition to subsequent generations. This is why man today still feels the burden of conscience which penetrates his being as a curse.

This condition of man's nature for centuries caused the human cry for a Liberator to regain for him the destiny intended for him at his creation. God Almighty foresaw the whole picture of human struggle on the one hand and the nostalgia for happiness on the other. The need for a spiritual life, which was given to man at the beginning, was constantly anticipated from the Liberator. When the time came, man's longing was fulfilled in the coming of the Person of Jesus Christ on earth. He was fulfilled in the coming of the Person of Jesus Christ on earth. He was the Messiah Whom rulers and prophets had long predicted. The prophecies predicted the coming of the Messiah though Whom and by Whom man would be saved. This prophecy came true in the Person of Christ. Although Christ preached three years in a small country under foreign political rule, where most of the rulers rejected Him, His Message was rooted in the hearts and activities of His Apostles, disciples and other followers.

Published with the kind permission of Bishop Alexander Mileant

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