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8. Different Types of Prayer.

If we and those close to us are healthy and safe, if we have a place to live, clothes to wear, food to eat, then we ought to give praise and give thanks to God in our prayers.

Such prayers are called praise and thanksgiving.

If some kind of misfortune, sickness, or woe happens or if we need something, then we must ask for Godís help.

These prayers are called petitions.

If we do something wrong, sin, and we are guilty before God, then we must ask His forgiveness ó repent.

These prayers are called penitential.

Since we are sinful before God (we constantly sin), we must always, before we ask God for anything, first repent and then ask God concerning our needs. This means that penitential prayer must always precede our petitions in prayer.

Questions: What must we offer to God when He sends us blessings? What are the prayers called when we praise and thank God? What do we offer God in prayer when some misfortune befalls us or we do something wrong?

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