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All of Our God Pleasing
Consists of Thoughts

GOD'S THOUGHT has its reflection in man's thought. "We are able to think on account of this, because there exists the Infinite Thought. We are able to breathe because there is boundless space with air. That is why pure thoughts dealing with any subject are called inspired. Our thoughts constantly flow under the condition of an Infinite Spirit's existence. That is why the Savior says: - Take no thought how or what ye shall speak: for it shall be given you ... what ye shall speak. You see, thought and even word (inspiration) comes to us from an outside source; this takes place in a grace-filled state and in case of need."

What kind of lesson does Father John draw from his thinking on God's thought? The reminder that we must avoid all kinds of thought that is not true. It is bad or false thoughts that we should avoid, because false thoughts draw us away from God, and incline us to surrender to the devil's power. Sins of thought in a Christian are not to be considered a small matter, because, according to St. Macarius of Egypt, all of our God pleasing consists of thoughts; for thoughts are the beginning: from them arise words and actions, words, because they give grace to listeners, or are corrupted words that serve as a temptation to others, corrupting their thoughts and hearts.

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