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The Demons snares

The Enemy of mankind takes up arms against us through people under his control; through the proud ó by humiliation and contempt; through the miss-believer ó disbelief, free-thinking and blasphemy; through cruel leaders ó tyranny and oppression; through gluttons ó enticements toward delicacies, gluttony and drunkenness; through the debauched ó loss of chastity and disposition toward depravity; through thieves ó plunder of our property. He torments us with those that hate and envy us; through greedy individuals, he deprives us of food, clothing and housing. Through Godís permission, being prince of this world and ruler of darkness (John 16:11, Ephes. 6:12), utilizing all the resources accessible to him and applying all types of illusions and persecutions, he enrages the human race and attempts to bend everyone to his side. If the All-wise, All-good and Almighty Heavenly Father did not care about us constantly, and did not convert the seducerís countless acts of cunningness into beneficial outcomes, then the incorporeal monster would have conquered the whole world for himself a long time ago, and there would have been no holy seed left (Isaiah 6:13).

When the devil penetrates into our heart, the soul then becomes unusually constricted and gloomy, everything begins to annoy it and it feels revulsion towards anything good; it sees evil intent in the words or acts of others and therefore feels a murderous hatred towards them, rages and surges towards vengeance. "Therefore by their fruits you will know them" (Mat. 7:20).

Do not be merciless judges of those people that labor for God and that sometimes act contrary to the Christian principles of piety, which they endorse and honor. Itís the devil, their evil antagonist that places them in their self-contradictory position. He bites deep into their hearts and compels them to act against their own convictions.

When your heart is stunned by the invisible enemy, causing you confusion, constriction and a fall in spirit, donít lecture, so that instead of good you donít bring temptation. At the same time, do not reprimand as this will only irritate and not improve matters. Generally speaking, when the enemy is nesting in the soul, you must be more silent because then we are not worthy of words, which are gifts from God-Word. Expel your enemy and induct peace into you heart ó and then speak.

Missionary Leaflet # EA10
Copyright © 2001 Holy Trinity Orthodox Mission
466 Foothill Blvd, Box 397, La Canada, Ca 91011
Editor: Bishop Alexander (Mileant)

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