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Qualities of perfection.

35. Just like a wind agitates the top of the sea during calm weather, but causes its depths to churn during a storm, so are the actions of the winds of darkness — demons. They shake the passionate people to the depths of their hearts, but only touch the surface of the mind in those that have succeeded. Therefore these latter restore their inner peace more quickly. (John Climacus)

38. Some people value the gift of performing miracles and other outward spiritual gifts, not realizing that there are many superior gifts that are not evident and are therefore safe from the fall. (John Climacus)

38. We will never cease to progress in virtue and love, neither in this age nor in the next, being enlightened by the light from above. For even the Angels — those intelligent beings — are not stationary, but add glory to glory and intelligence to intelligence. (John Climacus)

38. A person without passions is one that has made his flesh indifferent to passions, elevated his mind above everything earthly, submitted all his feelings to his mind, placed his soul before God, forever stretching out to Him, even when it is beyond his ability. (John Climacus)

38. Some say that to be without passion is the resurrection of the soul before the resurrection of the body, while others say that such resurrection is the knowledge of God. (John Climacus)

38. Many penitents received forgiveness for their sins very quickly, but no one became dispassionate very quickly, because acquiring this state requires a lengthy period, daily works of love and God’s assistance. (John Climacus)

51. Demons’ snares. Among the wicked spirits, there are some that are more cunning than others. They are not content with leading only us into sin, but instill into us thoughts to make others our accomplices in evil, so as to afflict us with harsh torment. I have seen a person transmit his sinful habit. Later, coming to his senses, he began to repent and abandoned his sin. However, because the person that learned his bad habit did not cease to sin, the repentance of the former was in vain. (John Climacus)

51. Among the wicked spirits there are those that have explained the Bible to us at the commencement of our spiritual life. They normally do this within the hearts of the vain, and more so with those that are educated in earthly studies, so that they can deceive them slowly but surely, plunge them into heresy and blasphemy. We can recognize this demonic "theology" by a feeling of confusion, by a disorderly and indecent joy, which is present in the soul during these contemplations. (John Climacus) 

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