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The spiritual life in this world
Excerpts from the sermons of Archbishop Sergious (Korolev) of Prague (1881-1952).
Translated from Russian by Anatoli Peredera

Desire of Good.

According to its very nature, human soul seeks good and everywhere tries to find it. Good is like fibers out of which a person weaves his bridal garb, and in this vestment he will stand forever before the Thrown of God. Clothing made out of fibers of good and love will be white and shiny in the light of God. A garment weaved out of fibers of evil will become even darker in the rays of Heavenly light, it will put to shame and bitter torment the one who will be found wearing it. We put on either a robe of joy or a robe of shame with our own will, which is though imperfect and weakened by sin, yet free. This free will is the best of what the Lord gave to us as the crown of His creation, and He preserves the dignity of this will and does not put any pressure on us. We do no protect it and often carelessly enslave it to sin. And once it has been enslaved to sin, how can we restore good in it, when our strength is weakened? We cannot fix it with our own strength, but it can be done with the power of Godís grace, since everything is possible with God! While our soul is still on the way to the Kingdom of God, while there is still time, letís strengthen our weak and feeble will with the gracious power of God and find in it the necessary strength and support in struggle against evil.

Life is a great labor. One needs to live in Christ wisely, and then everything around us will make sense and have value for eternity. If we pay attention, then the circumstances surrounding us will teach us to obey God and help us go through life in patience and love and acquire salvation. Wherever we are, everywhere there is a chance of salvation; no matter how difficult the circumstances of our life, we can always see things spiritually and progress toward perfection. Any situation in our life can lead us to our good and to bliss, which can be attained even here on earth.

Published with the kind permission of Bishop Alexander Mileant

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