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b) Prophecies in order of Place in Scripture

Book of Genesis

     3:15 The Family of the Spouse shall crush the serpent’s head

     22:18 Blessing the descendents of Abraham

     49:10 Conciliator from the line of Judah


     24:17 The Star of Jacob


     18:18-19 A prophet similar to Moses

     Job 19:25-27 Of the Redeemer who shall be resurrected

     2 Samuel 7:13 and 1 Chron. 17:12-13 Everlasting Messianic Kingdom


     2nd Messiah — Son of God

     16th His flesh shall not see decay

     22nd Messiah’s suffering on the cross

     40th The Messiah came to fulfill the will of God

     45th Messiah — God

     72nd Description of Messiah’s glory

     95th On unbelief

     110th High Priest according to the order of


     118th He — is the stone rejected by builders

Prophet Isaiah

     2:2-3 Messianic Kingdom is similar to a mountain

     6:9-10 Unbelief of the Hebrews

     7:14 Birth from a Virgin

     9:1-2 Sermon in Galilee

     9:6-7 Messiah — a strong God, Father of eternity

     11:1-10 On Him — the Spirit of God, about the Church

     12:3 About joy and blessings

     25-27ch Songs of praise for the Messiah

     28:16 He — is the cornerstone

     35:5-7 He shall heal all possible maladies

     42:1-4 On the meekness of God’s Branch

     43:16-28 Calling of the heathens

     44:3 Pouring of blessings by the Holy Spirit

     49:6 Messiah — a light to mankind

     50:4-11 On the insults to Messiah

     53rd ch. On the suffering and resurrection of the


     54:1-5 On summoning the heathens into the


     55:3 On the everlasting Testament

     60:1-5 His Kingdom — the New Jerusalem

     61:1-2 Messiah’s deeds of compassion

Prophet Joel

     2:28-32 On the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Prophet Osee

     1:9 & 2:23 Summoning the heathens

     6:1-2 Resurrection on the third day

     13:14 The annihilation of death

Prophet Amos

     8:9 On the darkening of the sun

     9:11 On the restoration of David’s Tabernacle

Prophet Micah

     5:2 On the birth of the Messiah in Bethlehem

Prophet Jeremiah

     23:5 Messiah — a righteous King

     31:15 The slaughter of infants in Bethlehem

     31:31-34 Establishment of the New Testament


     3:36-38 On the coming of God on earth

Prophet Ezekiel

     34:23-24 Messiah — Shepherd

     36:24-27 Law of God written on hearts

     37:23 Messiah — King and Good Shepherd

Prophet Daniel

     2:34-44 Messianic Kingdom likened to a mountain

     7:13-14 Vision of the Son of Man

     9:24-27 Prophecy of the seventy weeks

Prophet Aggeus

     2:6-7 On Messiah’s visitation of the Temple

Prophet Habakkuk

     3:11 On faith

Prophet Zacharias

     3:8-9 Sins of mankind are erased in oneday

     6:12 Messiah — Priest

     9:9-11 Entry of the Messiah into Jeriusalem

     11:12 On the thirty pieces of silver

     12:10 & 13:1 On the crucifixion of the Messiah,

 On the Holy Spirit

     14:5-9 Darkness during the crucifixion, and on blessings

Prophet Malachias

     3:1 The Angel of the Testament will arrive soon.

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