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Today there are over a thousand churches and religions today that claim to be the Church founded by Jesus Christ, or at least the direct descendants of it. Since they hold to different beliefs and contradict each other, most of them, or actually all of them except one, are not true churches of Jesus Christ. The Scriptures teach that the true Church of Jesus Christ can be only one, and, as we know from history, for the first thousand years the Church was essentially one. There were no Baptists, Pentecostals, Jehovah Witnesses or any other of the modern-day denominations. For administrative reasons the Church subdivided into five Patriarchal centers - Jerusalem, Antioch, Rome, Alexandria, and Constantinople - which formed a cohesive whole and were in full communion with each other. There were occasional heretical or schismatic groups going their own way, to be sure, but the Church was unified until the 11th century. Then, in events culminating in A.D. 1054, the Roman Patriarchate pulled away from the other four, pursuing its long-developing claim of universal headship of the Church.

Today, nearly a thousand years later, four of the original five Patriarchates remain in full communion, maintaining that Orthodox apostolic faith of the inspired New Testament record. Other national churches, like the Russian, the Serbian, the Bulgarian, for a total of 15 altogether, have since been added to them.

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