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Troparion to St. John of Kronstadt.

in Tone IV

With the apostles thy sound hath gone forth unto the ends of the world; with the confessors thou didst endure sufferings for Christ; thou didst liken thyself unto the holy hierarchs in thy preaching of the Word; and with the venerable hast thou shone forth in the grace of God. Therefore, the Lord hath exalted the depths of thy humility higher than the heavens, and hath given us thy name as a source of most wondrous miracles. Wherefore, O wonderworker, who livest in Christ forever, lovingly have mercy upon those amid misfortunes, and hearken unto thy children that call upon thee with faith, O righteous John, our beloved pastor.

Another Troparion, in the same tone O wonderworker who livest in Christ forever, take pity in thy love upon people in misfortunes; hearken unto thy children who with faith call upon thee, expecting compassionate aid from thee, O John of Kronstadt, our beloved pastor.

Kontakion, in the same tone

O father John, namesake of grace, who wast chosen by God from childhood, who in thy youth miraculously received from Him the gift of learning, and in a dream wast most gloriously called to be a priest: entreat Christ God, that we may all be with thee in the kingdom of heaven.

Missionary Leaflet # EA44
Copyright 2004 Holy Trinity Orthodox Mission
466 Foothill Blvd, Box 397, La Canada, Ca 91011
Editor: Bishop Alexander (Mileant)

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