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Plan of the Apocalypse


and chapters

Seven seals. Heavenly Adoration. Four horsemen. (4-6)

Seven horns. First calamities. Redemption of the faithful. (7-10)

Seven signs. The Church and the kingdom of the beast. (11-14)

Seven bowls. Judgement of sinners. (15- 17).

Judgement of Babylon. Antichrist & false prophet. (18 -19).

1000-year kingdom of the saints. Judgement of the devil and the Last Judgement. (20)

The Church triumphant in Heaven.

Heavenly liturgy

(4-5). First Martyrs (6:9-11).

The just of all nations (7:9-17). Strength of Saint's prayers (8:3-6). Adoration of God (11:16-19).

Foretaste of victory by Saints (12:10-12). The innocents (14:1-5).

Hymn of those saved from the beast (15;1- 4).

Preparation for the marriage of the Lamb and the Church. The marriage Hymn of the saints (19:1- 10).

Martyrs did not perish; they reign with Christ (20:4-6).

Persecuted Church on earth.

The imminent suffering of the faithful (6:11).

Identifying the chosen prior to calamities (7:1-8).

Measuring the temple (11:1-2). Deeds of two witnesses (11:3- 14). Woman clothed with sun (12:1-6 & 13-18). Patience of the Saints (13:10, 14:12-13).

Blessed is the courageous (16: 15).

- - -


- - -

The world of sinners and their punishment.

4 horsemen. Passions at war within man. Hence enmity, poverty, & reciprocal extermination (6: 1- 8).

First calamities. Partial obliteration of nature (8:7-13).

Sinners seduced and made subject to the beast. Mark of the beast (13:8 & 16-17).

Greater punishment of sinner. Total destruction of nature (16:1-12).


- - -


- - -

Theomachistic world. Antichrist. False prophet.


- - -


- - -

Evil increases. Beast from the sea- antichrist (13: 1-10). Beast from the earth-false prophet (13:11-18).

Kingdom of the beast (16:10-12). Harlot of Babylon- center of universal evil (17:1-18).

Casting down of Babylon. Joy in Heaven (18:1-24).

- - -

The nether regions- devil and demons.


- - -

Emanation of devilish forces in the world. Devil- the destroyer of souls (9:1-12).

The dragon persecutes the Woman- Church (12:3-4) Plants seeds of temptation (12:10-13 & 12:15-17).

Evil spirits entice people to serve the beast (16:13-14).

Evil force is strengthened in the kingdom of the beast (18:2).

The fountain of all evil- devil. He suffers defeat twice & is punished for eternity (20:1-10).

Physical and spiritual war. Regiments of evil.

World's calamities emanate due to discords within man (6:1-8).

Angels at the river Euphrates. First phase of war (9:13-21).

War in Heaven (12:7-10). Confrontation of the devil with two witnesses (11:7).

Before the final conflict (16:12). Armageddon (16:16). Christ's victory (17:14).

Christ annihilates antichrist & his armies (19:11-21).

Summation of universal wars against the Church. Defeat of Gog & Magog (20:7-9).

Description of the end of the world and Judgment.

Fear of the sinners before the Judge (6:12-17).

Comprehension of God's mystery (10:7).

Kingdom of the world becomes the Kingdom of God (11:15). The harvest (14:14-20).

Judgment of pagans (16:17-21).

Total annihilation of Babylon. Punishment of the beast and false prophet (19:19-21).

Judgment against the devil (20:10). Universal resurrection and Last Judgment (20:11-15).

Main theme.

Introduction. Heavenly Liturgy. Disclosure of reasons for worldly conflicts. Meaning of martyr's suffering.

Growth of Heavenly Church & increase of calamities on earth. God protects the faithful.

Deeds of the witnesses of the church. The devil directs theomachistic forces against the Church.

Kingdom of evil increases, but God brings it to ruin. Judgment begins with the sinning world. The saved exult.

Judgment of theomachists, antichrist, and false prophet. Center of universal evil is abolished.

Summary of the war between good and evil. Devil is twice defeated. Those who died for Christ reign in Paradise. Universal resurrection and Last Judgment.

Missionary Leaflet # 49E
Copyright 2001 Holy Trinity Orthodox Mission
466 Foothill Blvd, Box 397, La Canada, Ca 91011
Editor: Bishop Alexander (Mileant)

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