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Rock Music
from a Christian Viewpoint
by Bishop Alexander (Mileant)


"For changing people's manners and altering their customs, there is nothing better than music" (Shu Ching, 6th. Century BC).

The bible narrates that when the Judean king Saul went into a rage, his court attendants would call upon young David to play on his dulcimer (an ancient musical instrument) for the king. The melodious and soothing sounds calmed the king to his normal self. Even in those ancient days, people were aware that soft melodies had a calming effect on a person's disposition. On the other hand, contemporary music like rock and roll - particularly "heavy metal" - creates the exact opposite effect on the listener: quiet people are driven to violence, rage and malice. Rock and roll appeared approximately 40 years ago. Over this period, the development of this music headed more and more toward sexual lust. David Gergen characterizes this evolution in the following way: "The difference between the music of yesterday and that of today is the leap one makes from swimming in Sports Illustrated to the centerfolds of Hustler" (USA Today, Oct. 11 1985).

Rock music has become a global cadence that has attracted hundreds of millions of devotees. To many young people, rock music and its more violent variation "heavy metal" has become their lifestyle, where perversion, use of narcotics, violence and nihilism (denial of all reality) is encouraged. In this pamphlet, we will say a few words about the general meaning of music in the spiritual life of a person. We will then quote the opinions of psychologists, doctors and public figures regarding the influence of modern rock music on the youth, in particular - on sexual and violent behavior. We will then expose, from a Christian standpoint, anti-Christian, occult and even satanic elements in some forms of rock music. Finally we will how parents can assist their children to recognize the serious consequences of the influence of such music.

Published with the kind permission of Bishop Alexander Mileant

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