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On the World of the Soul.

Judging by what is written in the Scriptures and by the character of the people surrounding us, we are living in the final days. However, as that great holy man of Russia, Saint Serafim of Sarov, said, we must seek to keep safe our inner peace, because without this salvation is impossible. During Serafimís life, in response to his prayers, the Lord kept Russia safe; after him came another pillar stretching from earth to the heavens, Father John of Kronstadt. He loved the people and prayed continuously for them: "Lord, I wish that Your world would be in all Your people, whom You love so boundlessly that You gave Your Only Son to save the world."

Praying thus without respite for the people, he retained his inner peace. But we are losing ours because we do not love people. The Holy Apostles and all the saints desired salvation for all people and, remaining among people, prayed for them energetically. The Holy Spirit gave them the strength to love all people. If we do not love our brothers, then we cannot have peace. Everyone should think this over.

Glory to the Lord, that He has not left us orphans, but has given us the Holy Spirit to be with us on this earth. The Holy Spirit teaches the soul unspoken love for people and sorrow for all those who have lost their way and who are descending into hell. And whosoever has not acquired the Holy Spirit does not wish to pray for enemies.

Saint Paisii the Great prayed for his disciple, who had renounced Christ, and while he was praying, the Lord appeared and said to him, "Paisii, who are you praying for? He has renounced Me." But Paisii continued to sorrow for his disciple, whereupon the Lord said, "Paisii, you have become like Me in your love."

Thus is peace retained, and there is no other path.

If someone prays much and fasts, but does not love his enemies, then he cannot achieve peace in his soul. I could not speak like this, if the Holy Spirit had not taught me love.

You should guide your brother meekly, with love. Peace is lost when the soul becomes vain, treating a brother with condescension, or judging someone, or teaching a brother, but not meekly and without love. If you eat too much, or pray limply, you will lose the peace in your soul.

But if we adapt to diligent prayer for our enemies and love for them, then peace will ever be in our souls; and if we should hate and condemn our brethren, then our minds shall become clouded and they will both lose inner peace and become impudent before God.

Whoever carries within himself the peace of the Holy Spirit brings peace to others as well; and who carries with him an evil spirit brings evil to others. The soul that has experienced God wishes always to see Him within itself, for He enters quietly, and brings peace to the soul, and witnesses salvation without words.

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