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In this brochure we have acquainted the reader with the history of the development of the church building and its layout, as well as with the significance of various objects found in the church. We have spoken about the main types of services and the daily, weekly and yearly cycles of divine services. We have reminded the reader of the basic rules of behavior in church. We have explained the importance of Holy Communion and how to prepare for it.

When we go to church, we must put ourselves in the proper disposition, reminding ourselves that we are entering another world, distinct from our usual world of vanity and temptations. Here, in the church, we stand before our Creator and Saviour; here we offer Him the sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving together with the angels and the saints.

In order for the time we spend in church to be spiritually profitable, we must penetrate deeply into the content of the divine services, meditate on them and immerse ourselves in them. Prayer together with other Christians in church is a great force for renewal. When we consciously share in this grace-filled prayer it cleanses our consciences, gives peace to our souls, perfects us, strengthens our faith and kindles the love of God in our hearts.

And so, let us treasure our Orthodox church as an island of heaven on the sinful earth. Let us work together for its beauty and the magnificence of the divine services which are performed in it. And may the merciful and compassionate Lord send us His spiritual and temporal gifts, so that, guarded by His all-powerful help, we may be made worthy of eternal life in the kingdom of heaven. Amen.

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