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Celibacy, Marriage or "free love"... Which way to choose?
by Bishop Alexander (Mileant);
Translated by Valeriy Bulgakov and Natalia Makeeva; Edited by Fr. Serguey Kissilev


The problem of gender.

People are nowadays more than ever exposed to unhealthy sexual pressure. Sexual problems have always tormented the human race. And now they are tormenting it with an even more indomitable power. That is why it is important to help Christians understand this sphere so as to avoid a spiritual catastrophe. There is only one way to master the play of our subconscious powers that is, to illumine them in calmness and sobriety, in order to understand their hidden dynamics in the light of Christianity. First of all it is necessary to establish the fact that not everything in a human being is natural, for all kinds of perversion also arise "naturally", becoming the cause of severe and agonizing illnesses.

In our blindness we can not make out right away as to what can be acknowledged as "natural," and what is, though being experienced as "natural," in fact, a display of unhealthy deviation and spiritual dislocation. Many sufferings torment human beings because they did not master that fight of light and darkness, of virtue and vice, at the right time, which starts at a very early age...

Published with the kind permission of Bishop Alexander Mileant

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