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Medicinal help.

A few words concerning the use of medications for neuroses (tranquilizers, antidepressants). In the case of neurotic states, when the symptoms of the illness are directly related to psychological factors and living conditions, medications serve an assisting role, weakening the internal pressure and dulling the acuteness of complaints. They are usually prescribed for a short period of time. The main condition of recovery will be the search for the optimum resolution of the conflict, and in the spiritual plane — humility and repentance.

In cases of neuroses and neurotic-like states, phytotheraphy is a great help, that is, the use of medicinal herbs for healing. But we will note that it does not remove the reason for the neurosis and only relieves the symptoms.

Traditionally, the following herbs have been used: valerian roots, peppermint (leaves), hops (cones), motherwort (grass), rough marsh bedstraw (grass), hawthorn (flowers), German chamomile, caraway seeds. Here is an approximate list of the sedatives, which can be used independently — they do not require a prescription (in Russia): valerian extract (or tincture), Valerianachel, Percen, glycine, motherwort extract (or tincture), Novo-passit, Deprim, Valocerdin, preparations of tranquilizers No. 2, 3, Corvalol, Corvaldin, Adonis-brom, Validol, Valocardin, drops of Zelenin. How to use them and their doses are included either in inserts or on the packaging.

Raisins, dried apricots and honey act beneficially on the nervous system…

Let us speak of healing with honey in more detail. Its effectiveness is well-known: it gives good result in neurasthenia, nervous overexertion, after long and psychologically difficult tasks.

The Bulgarian scientist Stoimir Mladenov offers the following scheme for healing with honey: 100-120 g. of floral bee honey a day for 2.5-3 weeks. One should take 30 g. of honey morning and night, and after lunch — 40 g. In the evening, honey should be dissolved in a glass of cool water and drunk half an hour before sleep. In 10-12 days from the beginning of this treatment, sick people, or those with pre-illness disorders, as a rule sleep well, gain vigor, their working ability increases.

The benefit of toughening the organism is also worth mentioning. Physical toil within one’s strength, work in the garden, light running, walks, swimming. A tired body troubles the soul with irritability, unseemly thoughts.

Now we will consider sleeplessness, since this complaint is found among the majority of patients suffering from neurotic disorders. Sleep is a sensitive moral barometer. It changes (worsens, improves) depending on our spiritual and emotional states. One sleeps poorly after hurtful conversations, from sins that torment the soul. The Lord grants good, deep sleep.

We repeat well-known truths to those patients whose hearts are open to faith: it is absolutely necessary to pray both morning and evening (experience shows that if for any reason you sacrificed prayers before sleep — you will sacrifice deep sleep as well), read the Gospel, make the sign of the cross before sleep on your room and bed, drink holy water and bless the house with it, if it is not blessed. And most importantly, go to Confession and partake of the Holy Mysteries of Christ. Many people, who begin to follow this plan with faith and hope in the Lord, feel a great improvement in their well-being and gain spiritual peace.

Psychological suggestions can be the following. First of all, permit yourself to not sleep, do not overload yourself with thoughts of sleep and its rapid onset. Often a person suffers more from worrying about not sleeping than from sleeplessness. Late evening is a time for quiet activities and relaxed conversations. Take a walk before sleep, refuse a large meal, air out the room. Take a warm shower or soak your feet in warm water.

Here is another suggestion: soak two teaspoons of hops in a glass of boiling water, let it stand 4 hours, strain, drink the glass before night. Before sleep, rub lavender oil on the temples or drop 3-5 drops of lavender oil on a sugar cube and suck it before sleep. It helps to attach a linen bag with dried valerian roots at the head of the bed. It has been observed that dark bedding helps calm the nervous system.

Pharmacies have sedatives, which can be used for calming and improving sleep. A medical consultation would help. Sleeping pills should be taken only under the direction of a doctor; decoctions and tranquilizing extracts can be used independently.

Remember that spiritual and physical health — is a gift of God, and one must treat it carefully.

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