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Problems of age.

"Doctor, tell me what I should do. I am 50 years old. Until 50, I was a calm and even-tempered person. At the present time, because of aging, I do not recognize myself: I am irritable, whiny, I have trouble sleeping, I have no strength. I find it hard to stand during the church service. I am first hot, then cold. I perspire, my head spins. I have begun to pray less, I am not able to cope with household tasks. What should I do? Respectfully, E.K."

Dear E.K.! As you have correctly diagnosed, the well-known symptoms of menopause are at the root of your problem. Many changes are occurring in your organism in connection with hormonal reconstruction. The complaints which you listed are, unfortunately, typical.

First of all, I want to calm you down. This time will pass, and your feelings will normalize. All you need is time and patience. You are neither the first nor the last. Do not demand the former level of activity of yourself. The spiritual conflict is born precisely because the woman automatically tries to remain at original levels, be just as active as before, cope with everything, but at this time this is either very difficult or simply impossible.

Therefore calm down, reconcile yourself to the fact that you are just a bit ill. Talk to your household. If you have grown children, then this is the perfect time for them to roll up their sleeves and help in the house.

In church, one should choose a less occupied area, where there is more air. Everything can be organized; it is not worth panicking or getting discouraged.

Tinctures of soothing herbs will greatly help. It is good to eat honey; eat dried apricots, raisins, take multivitamins. Walks outdoors are very healthy.

I will also add that now there are medicinal mixtures of various properties and actions, eliminating the ill effects of menopause.

It is interesting to note the following in the spiritual level. At this time, a woman’s naturally negative sides of her character (read: sins) can become more acute. Say, if a woman earlier felt a tendency toward melancholy or irritability, these characteristics clearly become more felt, and she can no longer control herself. Take this into account. May the Lord grant you health and spiritual peace.

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