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About the Church

The Church is the great family of God, in which God is the Father, the Virgin Mary is our Mother, the Angels and saintly people are our elder brothers, and we are all brothers, born through the same baptismal font in the Church, enlivened by the one and only Holy Spirit... Protestants, through their severing of prayerful contact with the Saints, have lost their contact with the Church.

To live in Christís Church means sensing the nearness of God, and at the same time, the nearness of the Heavenly Church ó nearness, not only in the sense of historical remembrances or church inheritance but like an authentic, real prayerful closeness with the Apostles, martyrs, saints, holy fathers and all the righteous that dwell within it. To live within the Church means to come into contact with the spiritual world and open your heart wider for the entry of Godís grace. The partaking of Christís Flesh and Blood, mystery of the Church and communal prayer are the means God gave to elevate us from the earthly to the heavenly.

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