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Unity with Christ

The aim of our life is to unite with Christ. In this life, we unite with Him by faith, hope and love, while in the life to come — in a complete manner. But look how we distort this aim. We attach our hearts to various matters so that (how frightful), our love turns to money, to food, drink, attire, dwelling, finery, or to people that we like — to the point of forgetting God. Because of our attachment to earthly blessings, we boast, envy, hate, lie — and we then unite with the devil, this conveyor of evil. By this, we offend our Lord and distort His image and likeness within us. Indeed, we give very little thought to that which should be of paramount importance to us — uniting with God!

If through frequent communion of the Holy Sacraments Christ is within you, then be like Christ: meek, humble, patient, full of love, indifferent toward the worldly, meditate on Heaven, obedient, sensible; carry His Spirit within you, without fail.

Having Christ within you, fear that you might lose Him and with that, the serenity in your heart. It is difficult to begin again. After falling away, efforts to reattach yourself to Him will cost you many bitter tears. Hold on to Christ with all your might and do not lose your boldness before Him.

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