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The man.

The man is an occupant of the earth and its director. But he is also a son of the earth. He is, in a sense, more than other beings a part of the living element. At the same time he is tied to his body, which has been taken from the dead nature, governed by precise laws of mathematical causality. He requires the comfort provided by the regularity of of the body’s laws. He is also capable of limiting this "pressure of necessity" exercised by the body.

Animals also possess purpose, but with humans it steps forward to a much greater extent as general engine, directing, regulating and protecting their actions. The freedom of the life’s spirit sometimes only complicates his situation when two impulses, coming from two sources: body and soul, collide,.

Besides this, we have our own "spiritual reasons," which come into conflict with our general expediency. We must not also forget that we, Christians, have our own laws of Christian willful purpose. All of this creates a complexity as well as a richness of our inner life.

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