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Athos Monks[play]
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Two elements in the world. Dead nature.

The universe consists of two elements: the dead and the living one. Strict laws of physics govern the dead element. The essence of its activities are reduced to the formula: "Cause and effect." It contains masses of "matter," mainly in its coarse, almost wild form, and physical "energy." Both are in constant motion, with a plethora of elements, the union and division of which automatically produce strict and precise results. These results can be precisely predefined. In fact almost all of them have been studied by precise science, and humanity uses this knowledge in its own interests and needs, sometimes to its own detriment. Mathematics is the ruler in this sphere. Mathematics is in itself perfect accuracy. Mathematical rules are strict and unchanging. In its application to dead nature, to the determination of causes and effects, mathematics reveals and enlightens the strict uniformity in going from cause to effect. In this worldly element laws are automatic.

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