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Godís care for people,

Faith in God, prayer

1. If you will always remember in accordance with the Gospel that " His judgements are in all the earthí (Psalm 105:7), then every occasion will be a teacher to you in acquiring knowledge of God.

2. Whatever works God is in agreement with, all creatures concur with them, and the ones that He turns away from, all creatures oppose them.

2. Every good comes providentially from God. However, it quietly leaves those who are ungrateful, unfeeling and idle.

2. Every person baptized into the Orthodox faith mysteriously receives total grace. His feelings are confirmed in her (feeling her effects) through the measure of his fulfillment of the commandments.

3. He who doesnít know the truth cannot believe genuinely because guidance by human nature obstructs faith.

3. Do not deny yourself study even if you are very wise, because Godís arrangement is more beneficial than our wisdom.

3. He who voluntarily does not accept labors as good works (in their defense) will be punished with involuntary far more burdensome ones.

6. While you remember God, increase your prayers so that He will remember you when you have forgotten Him.

6. Pray so that temptations will not come to you, and when it does, recognize it as your own and not someone elseís.

6. A person praying physically and not yet having spiritual intellect, can be likened to the blind individual who cried out (to Christ): "Son of David, have mercy on me!"

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