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The gift of teaching

53. If your destiny from God is to teach others and you are treated inattentively, then do not become annoyed openly, but lament about it mentally. Thus, because of your lamentation, you will not be condemned together with those that did not listen to you, and you will not be tempted to become angry (have feelings of animosity).

53. What is said in general to the many, is usually beneficial to all: with that, direction will be given by every individual conscience.

53. If from the first word a person will not listen to you, do not compel him to do so with an argument; it is better to draw to yourself that benefit, which the other rejected ó because your goodness is more beneficial to you than his reformation.

53. A person speaking rightly must himself thank God for being given from Him that about which he speaks, because truth is not the work of the speaker but that of an active God.

53. Do not attempt to remedy through accusation a person that boasts of his good deeds, because the one and same person cannot be an exhibitionist and a lover of truth.

53. Do not accuse a powerful individual with vanity, for it is better to point out to him the future dishonor that awaits him, because through this method it is easier for a sensible person to accept the censure.

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