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Demonsí snares

51. Demons do not know what is in our hearts, as some people imagine. There is only One to Whom all hearts are open ó God, Who knows the human mind as He created Man (Psalm 33:15).

However, partly through our words and partly through our actions, the demons guess our heartís intentions. For example, when we are having a quarrel with someone because of their slander, the demons can conclude from our angry words that our relationship is unfriendly. Consequently, having realized our weakness they implant hostile thoughts. Having embraced that thought, we fall under the demonís tyranny of ill will, which from this point further inflames our feelings of vengeance against the offender. Evil demons watch our every move with interest and do not leave anything that which may be utilized against us unnoticed: neither standing, nor sitting, nor actions, nor words, nor looks ó they are all noted attentively. Daily, they devise against us various temptations, so that during prayer they will confuse our submissive mind and extinguish the blessed light within us.

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