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The Subconscious Faith of Scientists.

Dear friends, have not you posed yourselves a question: how, strictly saying, can an astronomer work in the scientific and fruitful way on the problems of the composition of some certain stars, their matter, evolution, chemical and physical processes, that happen there?

For, in spite of the entire gigantic technical progress of our time, the one observing the world spaces from the earth still is alike a boy, which looks inside a gigantic circus through a small hole. For, opposite to a chemist or a botanic, who can subject the objects that he uses for research to the direct analysis and experiment, an astronomer can only look at the objects of his studies and together with that observe them not in the form, which they have at the moment, but some objects — the closest stars — like they were years or dozens of years before, the others, separate galaxies — like they were millions of years before.

Nevertheless, an astronomer assuredly says that some star contains hydrogen, another one chlorine and iron, that on some certain stars the matter is in some certain state, while on the others — in another state. Where does he take all these statements from? Upon what does he rely in his conclusions? For neither him, nor anyone else can reach a star and prove all these conclusions.

An astronomer builds all his inventions upon chemical and physical experiments, fulfilled here, on the Earth, and the conclusions of these experiments he bravely applies to the world spaces. If the over-heated fumes of copper produce green rays here, on earth, then the green rays in the farthest worlds at a distance of quintillions kilometers from us have to testify to the presence of the over-heated rays of copper.

And what if the matter in those far away spaces of the universe has different qualities that here, on the earth?

But no, an astronomer will never doubt the entity of matter’s essence and its laws. He undoubtedly believes in that, and builds all his scientific work upon it. In those small supplements, which became available to us during the latest years, these astronomic conclusions find their superb confirmation. In that small section of the universe, which the Russian and American astronauts were able to visit, they did not meet any other type of matter, or any natural laws, but only those, which we saw here, on the Earth.

What does it say about? It says about the fact that all the scientific workers believe and upon that belief build their scientific work; believe that the entire universe is built according to one plan; and that the laws triumphing in the whole universe, are the same, beginning with the smallest corner of the earth, ending with the most far superstars and galaxies.

And this, in its turn, testifies not only to the fact that the unique plan and laws could only be given by the Unique Legislator, but about the fact that this is the indispensable condition of any scientific work, and probably is revealed through astronomy in the most vivid way.

Such a belief in the essential unity of the universe and its laws has been brought up in us and in all the scientists during the thousands of years of belief in the Single God. These subconscious layers of faith possess all the scientists, even if they announce themselves to be atheists. Anyway, in their works they subconsciously rely upon the again subconscious idea about the Single Creator of everything visible and invisible, the Creator, Who had given to us the common plan and laws of the universe. This subconscious idea was put in them by the generations of their believing antecedents, and without this idea no scientist could be working fruitfully.

The atheists, who wanted to assign to us the incorrect, heathen understanding of God, living in the material world above the clouds, thought to strike a blow to our faith, having brought from space the affirmation, that there are the same physic laws, as here, on the earth. Blind, they do not understand that they bring to us only the new testimonies about the main dogma of our faith, about that the Creator of heaven and earth triumphs over the whole space of the uncountable multitude of the worlds, and that his laws rule in this whole space.

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