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The Soul Feels God.

The human soul feels God.

No matter how high the waves of atheism rise, what terrible blasphemy, sacrilege or mockery at the Name of God people are uttering, anyway the feeling of God, sometimes absolutely unconscious, remains undestroyed in the human soul, because these feelings are quite typical of its nature, for it was created exactly for the development of God’s presence in it.

God is the fullness of the Good. He is kind and all He does, is good enough.. So therefore, one can say that when the human soul is attracted to the good, it is attracted to God. As Metropolitan Anatolius of Kiev taught, any good, no matter where and by whom it is performed, invariably belongs to God. So, the human soul feels it. That is why, wherever the good appears, the human soul reaches for it.

When the man lies neither to himself, nor to the others, he distinctly differentiates the good from the evil. It is typical of him, forgetting about the profit, to reach for the good, admire it and protect it. Even a middle usual person, if he sees that another one helps the one in need, approves of that. If he hears of the victory of justice, rejoices at it. He worships the heroic exploit.

If the man stands on the way of the moral damage of his soul, he starts to reveal the signs of the downfall: first of all, it is the betrayal of the good due to the mercenary calculations, and with time — gloat when seeing the others’ misfortune. Though, complete hatred towards the good by itself, thanks God, is not met that often among people. This is the quality of those rarely-met individuals, who went too far in the terrible process of doing evil things, in the process of regeneration of people into demons.

A simple human soul knows and loves the good. No matter how the enemies of our faith try to define the good else wise than it is in reality, to show as the good the profit of the class, party or race, anyway, human souls in their majority will not agree with that, will never loose the ability to recognize the good and reach for it.

And, loving the good, the man loves God, for God is the fullness of the good. He, too, is the fullness of Truth, Wisdom, and Beauty. That is why the undamaged human soul reaches for all that.

One of the highest joys in life is the joy to see the good and truth to triumph and the evil to be defeated, to contemplate the manifestations of wisdom and to admire beauty. In all this the man forgets about his profit and even the most mercenary people sacrifice the part of their property for the beautiful things or for the matter that they think to be right.

What does cause the appearance of such a precious ability, to forget, at least partly, about one’s calculations and disinterestedly enjoy the contemplation of the triumph of truth, goodness, wisdom and beauty?

This precious ability is given to the man by the sometimes realized, and sometimes not thirst for the Lord God, Who had created him for the purpose, so that he, perceiving God and realizing the Divine qualities, could admire them, worship them and try to be enriched by them.

And even if the forcefully seized from his Creator, the man forgets the very name of God, in his soul for a long time still sound the heavenly motives of love for the good, truth, wisdom and beauty. For a long time the sacred duty to love the main Divine qualities is preserved in him. The things, which God put into the nature of the human soul, would not be destroyed fast.

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