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Why Do They Argue about Faith?

Why are the scientific facts so unquestionable and clear, and why does the religious truth cause many discussions?

To that question the scientist and thinker Pascal responded 300 years ago, saying: "If the theorems of geometry were connected with all human desires and passions in the same way as the truth of faith, then geometry would have caused the same number of objections, as religion."

Scientific knowledge normally remains outward. If you learnt the theorem about hypotenuse and sides of a triangle, it stays in your memory, not influencing your life.

But if you believed in God’s existence, in God’s retribution for everything, that you have done in your life, then you have to change all your life, subjecting your will, passions and maybe the most cherished desires to that law. The man does not want to give up his desires, and so he passionately begins to search, what and how can be changed in the indefeasible Divine law, in order to make it compatible with his aspirations.

People have many wishes, incompatible with the Divine law. Some have ones, the others — different ones. Therefore, different people long for changing the Divine law, according to their manner. But always there can be found some people, who are faithful to the Divine law, and who think it to be higher than their wishes.

Так возникает безбожие. Because of that, in religion there can take place arguments and collisions. When against religion raise those, who ungovernably strive for fulfilling their desires, they throw off not only the separate, seeming unpleasant features of the Divine law, but the whole law itself.

If the Divine law was protected only by the human forces, then people would have distorted it beyond recognition. But God’s hand preserves His law on purpose. It is that hand, which distinguishes the giants of the spirit among the people, who fearlessly, despite sufferings and danger to loose their lives, protect the truth of faith and the eternal Divine law.

Many of these heroes of the spirit appeared during the last half of the century in our land, were faith was persecuted so severely. We worship the exploit of these heroes of the spirit. We know that even the outward science has its martyrs, who went to face the trials, and even death, for the truth of the outward knowledge. We respect their exploit.

But their exploit to the great extent is considered to be only their personal exploit: in the life of the majority of people nothing will change because of the way of understanding of the world’s creation: if the sun runs around the earth, or the earth — around the sun.

Вот почему так много сомнений, так много разногласий возникает вокруг вопросов религии. That is why there are so many doubts, so many disagreements that arise around the questions concerning religion.

But these truths shine with quiet, inhuman, heavenly, above-the-world light, and the human soul, sincerely seeking them, ready, alike the Gospel merchant, give everything for the precious pearl of truth, find them with God’s help.

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