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Blessed Hesychius of Jerusalem

Saint Hesychius was a native of Jerusalem and a student of Saint Gregory the Theologian. After the death of his mentor, he settled in one of the Palestinian deserts. In the year 412, the Archbishop of Jerusalem consecrated Saint Hesychius as a presbyter. In his priesthood he became well known for his inspired sermons. He died in 433.

31. Excerpts from his teachings. To many people it seems too difficult to restrain agitating thoughts in oneís mind. Indeed this is not easy, because it is painfully difficult to constrain the discarnate in a physical body not only for the uninitiated in the mysteries of the spiritual warfare, but also for those who have attained experience in the inner spiritual battle. (Blessed Hesychius)

31. Many do not realize that often our thoughts are nothing but wishful sentient images of earthly objects. When we abide longer in earnest prayer, the mind then liberates itself from irrelevant material images and begins to discern the cunningness of its foe (demonís snares, coercing the mind with mundane thoughts) and begins to perceive the benefit of prayer and contemplation of God. (Blessed Hesychius) 

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