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Love toward your neighbor.

44. Do not judge sternly those that verbally instruct others on great virtues while at the same time, they themselves are being remiss toward good deeds, because the benefits from these teachings often eliminate that deficiency. All of us did not receive in equal measure: some have excellence more in word than in deed, while conversely, others are stronger in deed than in word. (John Climacus)

44. One of the shortest paths toward receiving forgiveness for our sins is in not judging anyone, because it is said: "Judge not, and you shall not be judged" (Luke 6:37). (John Climacus)

44. The eager and severe critics of a neighbor’s sins have this passion because they do not recall nor lament their own sins. If every person carefully examined his own conduct without being encased in pride, he would be incapable of concerning himself with anything but repentance, because he will realize that the length of his whole life will not be sufficient time to lament over his sins, even though he may live for a long time and shed a river of tears. (John Climacus)

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