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We have seen that the parables told by Christ were bright and visual stories, which contain an integral and harmonious teaching about the salvation of man and the kingdom of God, the Church. In the initial parables, the Lord spoke about the conditions favorable for people to receive the Kingdom of God. In the subsequent parables, He spoke about God's mercy on repentant people and taught us to love our neighbors, do good works and improve our inner moral character. He also gave us instructions to be discreet and to pray thoroughly. The final parables were about each personís accountability before God and about the necessity to be vigilant and to draw the light of God's grace into the heart.

In this work, devoted to the Gospel parables, we did not did not try to provide the reader with complete and comprehensive explanations of the hidden spiritual wisdom. We put before us a much more modest task: to present the basics of Evangelical teaching, as given in the parables, to the reader. Christ's parables are the ever-true pictorial instructions that show us the way to Salvation.

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