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1. Parables about the Kingdom of God

In the first group of parables, the Lord Jesus Christ delivers the Divine Teaching about the spreading of the Kingdom of God or Kingdom of Heaven amongst people. These names stand for Christís Church on the earth, the Church that initially consisted of the twelve Apostles and the closest disciples of Christ, but which started to spread rapidly throughout the countries of Apostolic preaching after the descent of the Holy Spirit onto the Apostles on Pentecost. By its spiritual essence, the Church of Christ is not limited by any territory, race, culture, language or other external distinctions, for the Grace of God penetrates into and resides in the souls of people, illuminating their mind and conscience and directing their will toward the good. In the parables, people who become members of the Church of Christ are called the "sons of the Kingdom," as opposed to non-believers and impenitent sinners who are referred to as the "sons of the evil one." The conditions of the spreading and strengthening of the Kingdom of God in people are described in the parables about the sower, the tares, the seed growing in the ground, the mustard seed, the leaven and the treasure in the field.

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