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a) The Responsibility of a man.

The Lord who knows the hearts of men knows who have the most spiritual gifts, and to them He sends His grace in greater measure than to others. In ancient times, the Jewish people were distinguished for their exclusive spiritual gifts, and in the time of the New Testament these were the Greek and Russian peoples. God evinced extreme care of these peoples and poured out His gifts of grace onto them. This is witnessed by the great number of God's servants who shined amongst them. However, this abundance of the gifts of grace imposes a particular responsibility before God onto each nation and every single person. The Lord expects an effort of will from each of these people and also the tendency to go towards moral perfection, for "unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required." Of course, it is far from true that everyone in these nations tends toward moral perfection; some people consciously turn away from God. Often the result is that an abundance of grace creates a certain polarization among the representatives of a select people: some of them attain to great spiritual heights, even sainthood, while others, contrarily, turn away from God and become hard-hearted, even becoming theomachists. In the parable of <see next chapter>

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