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4. Parables about responsibility and Grace.

The time of the Savior's public ministry was nearing its end. In His previous parables, the Lord taught about the preconditions for the dissemination of God's Kingdom amidst and within people. In His last six parables, the Lord spoke also about His Kingdom, full of grace, and stressed the idea of a personís responsibility before God for disdaining the chance of salvation, or, even worse, for directly rejecting God's grace. These parables were told in Jerusalem in the last week of the Savior's life on earth. They revealed the teaching about the truth, or justice of God, the Second Coming of Christ and the Last Judgement. The last six parables include the parable about the wicked husbandmen, the barren fig tree, the wedding dinner, the laborers who received equal pay, the men waiting for their lord, and the ten virgins.

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