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So that faith is lifeís basis.

What is needed so that faith becomes steady, not shaky, that it controls us, directs our actions, is active, salutary, curative, comforting? What is needed so that lifeís questions do not agonize, donít direct us out of spiritual equilibrium? What is needed so that we are not like reeds that sway with every wind?

For this, we must belong to the Church ó both in spirit and body ó and live the one life with Her. A sole individual in the field of war is not a significant force. While in the Church ó one for all and all for one, under Christís guidance and in the grace of the Holy Spirit ó the situation is totally different. In Church ó like children in our parental homes ó we are protected on all sides, have concern over us, spiritual nourishment, spiritual warmth and light. We bring our sorrows to Her, and we find cures for our physical and spiritual illnesses in Her.

We find the fullness of Church life in the temple. In this holy place of worship, we are born through baptism for eternal life, and in this house, we will have our final farewell with earthly life. It will be here that memories of us will be preserved, and upon our death, prayers for us will be raised to heaven. 

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