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Staidness of the soul.

Christian faith is a state of brightness, "diurnal." Belief in God, in the invisible spiritual world, in life after physical death ó is quite realistic, because experience has confirmed it through received manifestations, spiritual occurrences and revelations, which the Saints of the Holy Church were honoured with, as well as the faithís beneficence, felt by members of the Church. Thatís why mysticism should be alien to a Christian, because it differs through its departure from reality, and its conviction in its extraordinary nearness to the spiritual world and its ability to enter it. In this frame of mind, it is easy to be subjugated to delusion and lose the correct orthodox constitution of the soul. Thus, the workings of the imagination in a twilight state are capable of presenting to a person, images that are far divorced from reality.

Authentic faith is staid, and all guides of the genuine Christian life, place the "spiritual staidness" as the basis of spiritual works. Staidness of the soul safeguards oneself from self-delusion, from being self-opinionated, and equally, from being despondent and having a self-evaluation of being hopeless. This is a direct and simple outlook on life, on all those around ó an outlook that is illuminated with the light of faith. The Church asks in its prayers for the faithful, the granting of "staidness of the soul, forgiveness of sins, communion with the Holy Spirit." Father John titled his diary: "My life in Christ, or, minutes on spiritual staidness and contemplations, reverend feelings, spiritual reformation and serenity in God." 

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