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Athos Monks[play]
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Beyond the curtain of that which is visible.

It is doubtful that any one of us doesnít have memories of the past, about facts that speak of ties with the spiritual world ó facts that cannot be explained in a corporeal sense, which give witness that there is an Unsleeping Eye watching over us. Itís only that many people close their eyes and ears to them, so as not to see or hear. However, itís more often that while they remember those facts, they are not capable of reconciling their lives with what the facts are saying. During moments of spiritual reflection, this mystery surfaces ó only to return to the secret recesses of their mind. It is rare for people to give voice to such experiences. This could be because of a person being modest and unwilling to feature himself in print, or because of doubt ó whether he will be believed ó will they interpret that as an invention or the product of spiritual instability? Nonetheless, some of these facts do find their way into print. Even if these types of disclosures were accumulated over a year, they would easily form a book. However, while materialism reigns, would such a book achieve its aims? "Because seeing they see not; and hearing they hear not" (Matt. 13:13) and they donít wish to turn to Him, Who is ready to heal them ó those blind people who declare that on principle, they refuse to acknowledge miracles.

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