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The world ó reflection of Godís Grace.

We cannot deny the existence of reason in Nature, even though to us it is in an unknown form. We witness how a plant secures the necessary area for its existence, seeks and finds in the same soil, a variety of nutritious elements necessary only for this type of plant, and liquids, which are so varied for each type of plant, obtaining them through a proficient chemical decomposition of the soil. Likewise, we cannot deny the existence in the animal and plant kingdom the aesthetic and artistic beginning, which is revealed in the variety and harmony of colours and forms. In witnessing the amity, collaboration and willingness to serve, we can hardly reject the presence of none other than the seeming moral beginning in Nature ó when a blade of grass is prepared to present itself as fodder for the animal, or when the tree endeavours to produce better harvest for manís comfort; a willingness that is sometimes close to self-sacrifice. Some will say that you cannot call this a moral attribute, because morality suggests a free and intelligent will. Indeed, but if this is so, then it is necessary to seek the source of the sensibility and wisdom for this insensibility. Thoughts rise toward the Creator and the power of the Providence of Godís Spirit, granting all existing things "life, breath and everything" (words of Apostle Paul in the Athenian Areopagus according to the book of Acts).

In this sense, the world, Godís creation is a reflection ó be it weak and pale ó of its Creatorís attributes and it is toward this Primordial and Original, that it directs our thoughts. Let us here express the words of Saint John from his "My life in Christ." "The whole world: heaven and earth and everything that is in them, the sea and all that is in it is the endless effusion of Godís goodness, His intellect and eternal power and might, goodness toward the creations, which He created for joy and happiness, especially ó joy to the human race. The world is a mirror of goodness, intellect, wisdom and power of God. Therefore, we should attach ourselves to God and not to the world. ĎWho is there for me in heaven? And with You I want nothing on earth. My flesh and heart is exhausted: God ó is the firmament of my heart and is part of me forever.í

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