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What evil enunciates in the world.

Alongside with the emergence around us in Nature of reason, harmony and beauty, we also see the appearance of a contraposition. We observe frightening catastrophes in Nature, which inflict suffering and death to living matter, we watch the blindness and deceitfulness of instinct in the animal kingdom; hostility, the devouring of the weak by the strong, and finally, illness and death. These manifestations open our eyes to Natureís true character, and they do not permit us to deify it. Thanks to them, we recognize the falsity of pantheism. It is inherent for a person to seek a higher beginning and worship it. However, although he sees the presence and activity of this beginning all around himself, Nature itself cannot be taken as that higher beginning: it possesses the positive and the negative, it has reason and irrationality, good and evil. By this, Nature itself suggests to us that there is another Beginning above it that is perfect and complete. And how can we acknowledge the deity of Nature when man himself becomes its master? The poet Aleksei Konstantinovich Tolstoy expressed the duality of Nature ó good and evil ó in artistic form:

"Only God is light without shadow,

Fused in Him

Is the indivisible unity of all manifestations,

The fullness of everyoneís brightness;

But Godís radiating power

Battles with darkness;

And around Him in times of alarm,

Is the majesty of peace.

The separation of creation

Vengeful chaos doesnít sleep;

Disfigured and overturned

Godís image in him trembles:

And always full of deceit,

Against Godís goodness

He attempts to raise

Turbid splashing waves.

And the efforts of the evil spirit

To whom the Almighty gave a will,

And the conflict of hostile beginnings

Is enacted once again.

In the struggle of death and birth,

Divinity has established

The eternity of creation,

And its continuance

Through the glory of eternal life." 

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