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Integrity of life and world vision.

Gumilevís quatrain is quite excellent:

"There is a God, there is a world. They exist eternally.

While peopleís lives are momentary and wretched.

However, a person can accommodate everything,

Who loves the world and believes in God."

Of course you cannot dogmatise these words. Here, it is possible to retort against every pronouncement: perpetuity of the world is not the same as that of Godís; human life is but momentary, but the soulís life is not momentary; the world loves devious counsel, but it only believes in God. Nevertheless, this quatrain contains an excellent poetical expression of a deep idea: that the fullness of life consists of accepting the world as a creation of the All-Good God. In accepting life as a gift from God, a person lives with an optimistic and harmonious view of the world, creating a spiritual world and a bold, bright outlook on life.

A person has inner contentment when he doesnít have any spiritual discord. Such is the meaning of Polonskyís stanza:

"Blessed is he who is given two types of hearing:

Who hears the ringing church bells,

And hears the prophetic voice of the Spirit."

The obvious meaning of these words is in that a contemporary person lives a full substantive life, when his inner voice (be it a poetical or philosophical inspiration, or simply a general outlook on life), combines with the faithfulness of tradition, and with the religious faith that has been interwoven into him.

It has to be acknowledged that the Russian poetry of the golden 19th century age of literature itself possessed this quality and was therefore principled, ideal and wholly laudable. 

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