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Apologetic Notes - Part 1.
by Archpresbyter Father Michael Pomazansky
Translated by S. Larin and Natalia Semyanko

Signs from above.

News of an extraordinary phenomenon in March 1960 ó the shedding of tears from the eyes on an icon of the Mother of God, located in a house of young Orthodox Greek couple at Long Island, not far from New York ó impacted on even part of the American press. When the icon was triumphantly conveyed to the Greek cathedral, three doves hovered above the motor vehicle that was carrying the icon, and didnít leave the procession until the icon was carried inside the church. A month later, a similar shedding of tears occurred from another icon of the Holy Virgin, at the same location. When this icon was transferred to the cathedral, a third icon took its place in the house, and it too shed tears. As the Churchís experience states, the triplicity of this phenomenon was an inherent sign sent from above.

Mother of Godís tears! Manifestations that lead to trepidation and reverence. It gives witness to Mother of Godís nearness to earth. However, it would be better if these tears didnít exist! If there is no greater sorrow to the children in a family than to see their mother crying, then how strong and frightening a shock it is to Christians to know that because of them, the Mother of God is shedding tears!

Are they telling us of the general spiritual deterioration of mankind, and in part ó about our own spiritual decline? Are they crying over the suffering and misfortunes, already experienced by the world? Are these tears foreshadowing new ordeals? Are they giving witness that the Heavens do see the sorrows and hear the grief-stricken, and that the tears of the Holy Mother are giving a consoling announcement: "I am with you!" 

Published with the kind permission of Bishop Alexander Mileant

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