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Contemporary "Gift of Tongues."

Despite of all artificial attempts by Pentecostals and other "Charismatics" to create the miracle that happened to the Apostles on the Day of the Holy Pentecost, what they got is anything but a real miracle. We can read in the first few chapters of the Book of Acts, what happened to the Apostles on the holy day of Pentecost when the real "Gift of Tongues" was given to them. Holy Apostle Paul in the First Letter to Corinthians, ch.12-14, explains the reason for this miracle. The "Gift of Tongues" was needed for the Apostles, so that they could spread the Gospel to different nations. By getting the "Gift of Tongues" the Apostles could preach to people in their native language and thanks to that the Church began to spread very rapidly. As we know from history, this "Gift" disappeared shortly thereafter. As the people of various nations became Christians, many qualified native preachers became available. The need for the miracle to speak different languages at the same time, decreased. At the time of St. Irenaeus of Lyon in the middle of the 3rd century, "Gift of Tongues" was mentioned as a rare occurrence.

From the Second Letter to Corinthians of St. Paul, we can conclude, that the "Gift of Tongues" was spread more there, then anyplace else. "GoT" was one of the spiritual gifts which some Christians received after baptism and after the "Apostles laid hands " on the heads of the newly baptized. However, not all, who received it used it properly. Apostle Paul cautioned them not to use it carelessly. During the services (prayer meetings) some Christians in Corinth were speaking in foreign languages that were not needed. Most likely they did it to "show off." Apostle Paul explains that the "Gift of Tongues" is needed for... "not them that believe but to them that believe not." In other words "GoT" is needed for missionary work, to convert pagans to Christianity and not for those that were baptized. In addition to this, "GoT" had a negative aspect on prayers, when used at the wrong time. For example, when during the service several people started to talk simultaneously in foreign languages, it created disorder which resulted in prayer disorientation. In order to correct this improper use of Godís gift, the Apostle explains to Corinthians that this gift is lesser then other gifts, that are needed for spiritual growth. The Christians of Corinth will be better off if they will pray to God to enrich them with: gifts of faith, restrictions, patience, love, wisdom and other similar gifts.

If we compare the Apostolic "GoT" with contemporary "Tongue-speakers," we can see a big difference. In apostolic time Christians got a gift of a real spoken language. It was a human spoken tongue that was used for missionary purpose. If we compare it with the modern Pentecostal "tongue," it is nothing more than some mumbling, mostly isolated, without any connecting phrases or words and in some cases with violent outcries. The explanation they give is that it is the "Language of Heaven," It is impossible to accept as Godís miracle this incomprehensible mumbling. This is most likely the result of nervous excitement, trance, or hallucination bordering on raving. Therefore, sectarians blasphemy with artificial exaltation and sometimes, with inhuman sounds that are assigned as Godís inspiration.

In general, the aim of modern society is for any acute psychological sensation, such as loud wild music, which brings up erotic and evil feelings and encourages sexual disorders, misuse of stimulating drugs and narcotics, fascination with horror and wild crime movies. All these perversions are symptoms of a sick soul.

In the same manner seeking of delight and ecstasy in payers ó is the sign of a passionate and proud state. Here, occurs the substitution of the real gifts of the Holy Ghost by artificially created psychological feelings. Totally ignoring the spiritual experience of the Saints, rejection of Godís established priesthood and the Sacraments, contemporary sects try to achieve grace by very questionable methods. By using this approach ó one obtains deception or a "delight" against which all the saints of the Orthodox Church warned.

An orthodox Christian has to use all possible means not to follow this type of religious feeling. We all have complete access to the real spiritual treasury in the Sacraments of the Church, its Services and sincere personal prayer. In unification with God we have to seek not an anesthesia and sharp experience, but a regeneration of our sinful soul. Regeneration occurs through humbleness, repentance and correction of oneís self. By the degree of regeneration of a personís soul, an authentic Grace of God will flow into him and with it heavenly peace and pure joy, by comparison to which man-made delight is a cheap and poor substitute.

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