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Mormonism ("The Latter Day Saints and the legacy of Joseph Smith)

The American sect originated in 1830. It now has about 2.5 million members, most of whom live in the state of Utah (USA), Canada, England, Switzerland and New Zealand.

The originator of this sect is Joseph Smith, who wrote a book, called the "Book of Mormons," which the Mormons consider a holy scripture and is supplementary to the Bible. In that book, Smith narrates a fantastic story, about a large group of Hebrews in 600 B.C., who emigrated to America. The less cultured part of that migration became ancestors of wild Indians; the other, the more intelligent part started to build cities, encouraged knowledge and was visited by Jesus Christ. His teaching, supposedly was recorded on the golden tablets by the "prophet" Mormon. His son, Moroni, copied those tables and hid them in the ground. At 400 A.D., the first group was annihilated by the second group and 1400 years later Moroni was resurrected and gave the hidden tablets to Smith (which later, some how — disappeared). Smith using those tables, wrote a book with the rules that govern the life of Mormons. The teaching of this sect has very little in common, if anything with Christianity and even with Protestantism. Mormons have a strict discipline, do not use alcohol, coffee or tobacco. They have a strict family and social organization. They are well-off financially and help each other.

Mormons are obligated to donate ten percent of their income. In the beginning they had polygamy, which is now forbidden. They also have a strong missionary activity. The Book of Mormon they equate to the Bible and Joseph Smith, the originator of sect, they consider to be a saint like the prophet Moses and even as Jesus Christ. (For details see booklet # 66).

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