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Christian Science (A denial of the material world)

The book " Science and Health with Key to The Scripture" — is the Gospel book for this sect. It was written by Mary Baker Eddy at the end of the 19th Century, in the state of Massachusetts. Despite the fact that the founder of this sect condemns Calvinism, in essence, she rejected God. A detailed analysis of the teaching of this sect, gives evidence that it has nothing in common with the Gospels or the Bible. Mrs. Eddy affirmed that her own book takes priority over Scripture, with its not to be changed or doubted key to Scripture, although she did concede that Scripture was inspired. There also is no real science in their teaching.

A singularity of Christian Science is that it is never preached. The Church has no preachers and no sermons. Instead, they have a First and Second Reader who are obliged to read a selection of Scripture and a selection from "Science and health." No comments or discussion is allowed. Mary Baker Eddy is the first and last word about the truth of Christian Science. Everything that Christianity posts in terms of biblical teaching, Christian Science declares to be unreality.

They reject medical treatments since they claim that sickness is an illusion and accept a healing by auto-suggestion (or self-suggestion). They take neither sickness nor sin seriously since "saving men" from all that they could be saved from is unreal. Mary Baker Eddy’s fame lies in her two writings, with which she tends to overcome, what by Christian Science’s own claim is really nothing at all. For God is all.

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