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The founder of this movement was an American, L. Ron Hubbard (1911-1986). After World War Two, Hubbard took an active part in a satanic sect, ordained by the known satanist Aleister Crowley. Hubbard accepted many ideas from Crowley, how to build his pseudo-religious system. Hubbard’s son testified, that his father created most of his "scientific discoveries" under the influence of narcotics. Declaring loyalty to all religions, Hubbard, at the end of his life announced a "concealed secret" — that his mission on this earth — is the mission of the Antichrist to prevent the Second Coming of Christ.

The idea to create his own religion became very profitable. From an average writer, who petitioned for veteran's pensions, the founder of scientology had an estate of 640 million dollars at the end of his life. The courts of many countries considered Hubbard a felon and he was pronounced "Persona non grata." He died in 1986.

At present, the Society is headed by David Miskevidge, with its center in Los Angeles and its spiritual executives in Clearwater, Florida, the main base for Europe is in Copenhagen.

The Society of Scientology, in general, can’t be called a church, because the place of God is taken by Hubbard himself and each neophyte pays dues to his cult, as was confirmed and decreed by the Federal Court of Working Disputes in FRG on March 22, 1995.

The book by Hubbard, "Dianetics: the Modern Science of Mental Health" has information from psychology mixed with occultism, black art, and engrams — the main topic in Scientology, is in reality, a pseudo-scientific version of an ancient description of "karma."

The term "scientology," was by adherents decoded as — "study of knowledge." In the beginning, Hubbard tried to present his ‘Dianetics’ as a science, but received very strong resistance from scientists, and therefore had to replace scientific approach by religious approach. Scientologists constantly try to present its teaching with scientific color: their literature is saturated with self-made, science-like — terminology and abbreviations with the use of computer methods, graphics etc. However, there is no real science there. All this is done to study dogmas, which Hubbard wrote in his book. Any expression, written or oral, by Hubbard is considered to be sacred. In reality, scientology is mixture of psychology, black magic, occultism and science fictions that are multiplied by unquestionable faith in the infallibility and genius of its father-originator Hubbard, and its organization.

Scientology proclaims itself as a religious organization and calls itself a "church," however, there are plenty of examples in their instructions, written by Hubbard himself, that prove otherwise; that in the foundation of his organization lay not religious convictions, but a direct business interest. An unweakening race for profit in Hubbard’s own words: "Give money — make more money — force other people to work — so they can make money."

By the decision of our Council of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church outside of Russia (December 1994), in a section about pseudo-christian sects, neo-paganism and occultism, scientology is called a pseudo-religion.

L.R. Hubbard was the disciple of a known satanist of the 20th Century, Alistair Kroule and was involved in a most repulsive form of occultism. According to KGB archives in Russia (MIA), Scientology is one of many forms of satanic sects, that have crime-demonic direction, actively use psychotropic methods in order to achieve control of its members. This sect has specially created cover-up structures in a form that appear as humanitarian organizations, one of which is the Humanitarian Center of Hubbard.

Scientologists claim, that they are outside of politics and that church and government has to be separated. At the same time, one of the global missions of this sect is to create a civilization without faults, crime, wars, narcotics etc. In order to create this type of civilization, one has to incorporate Scientology into all aspects of life, starting primarily at the government level. Hubbard himself proclaimed before his death, that he will come the second time as a politician. He also claimed, that: "Scientology... Has to establish totalitarian power and authority, to achieve total discipline..." Scientologists actively recruit workers and businessmen of higher caliber through the system of Hubbard Colleges (teaching Administrative Technology). One of the aims of scientology: is to push away traditional psychology, replacing it with scientology, The attack on traditional psychology is ear-marked in all their publications and an instinctive dislike is instilled into all its members.

Representatives of FRG at the seminar on Freedom of Any Confession (Warsaw, April 16-19, 1996), gave a report: that from the time of the appearance of this sect in FRG (1970), local authority was resisting this sect on all levels. It is not by coincidence, that the so-called scientologist Hubbard, in 1973, was declared by the German government as " one of main enemies." Hubbard on several occasions pleaded to the UN Commission of Human Right and OBSE with complaints of "governmental interference" with his interests in FRG and periodically unfolded anti-government campaigns.

Taking all of the above into consideration as well as the activities of this sect in FRG, a more severe resistance to this sect was imposed. This work intends to put into the legal system aspect — the characteristics of this sect. On March 22, 1995 Federal Court of FRG handed down a decree, that Scientology is not a religion or peaceful organization, but a commercial structure, that operates with methods, that use psychological terror and economic felonies. On May 9, 1996 the German Bundstag created a special interrogating commission by the name of "So called Sects and Psychogroups." By the spring of 1998 it will formulate an official degree of the danger of Scientology to society and will give its recommendations to the Federal Government. From 1995 the Ministry of Internal Affairs of FRG was working on reports about the sect of Scientology, which the Government wanted to discuss at the conference of the Federal and State ministers of internal affairs in Hamburg, Germany. Without waiting for the decision of the Federal Government of FRG, individual states took this matter into their own hands and adopted a more severe attitude: the government of Bavaria, on Oct. 17, 1995, put into effect its program of annihilating the sect from its territory. On Nov. 1, 1996, a ban was imposed in this state, on members of Scientology to hold government positions. The State Office of Constitutional Safety, (Counter Intelligence and Internal Security) was empowered to keep an eye on this sect.

From 1991 the Christian Democratic Party of Germany, a leading party of the present coalition started rejecting members who were scientologists. In May of 1995, the Social Democratic Party of Germany, which was the opposition party, made a similar decision.

Almost all countries, that have branches of this sect, are busy investigating its activities. Scientology fights for world domination. The aim of a Scientology organization is to create a new man and a new world, which will function according to Scientology rules. This is a grave danger to all societies, since a society, that is governed by scientology principals will have no freedom and civil rights. According to the teaching of L. Ron Hubbard, the originator of Scientology, any democracy is worthless.

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