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Secular Humanism

(In order to avoid mix-ups with the definitions, let us clarify some terms by using an Encyclopedic dictionary:

Humanity = being human, kindness, mercy, sympathy, love toward men,

Humanitarian = a person devoted to promoting the welfare of humanity

Humanism = direction of a European thought that began to develop in 15th & 16th centuries during the time of the Renaissance. A desire to direct a thought to solve life’s problems in a materialistic and practical nature in order to improve man’s life).

Contemporary humanism — is a godless sect, that places as the cornerstone of its life, the "highest being" of the universe, MAN. This man doesn’t need God and can create his own laws, rules and moral standing at any given time and place. " Contemporary Humanism" considers all church organizations and faiths as harmful for education, psychology and life of mankind.

"C.H." Was created in USA in the middle of the 1930s by atheistic scientists and philosophers who were organized into the American Humanitarian Association. In 1933 they published the "Humanist Manifesto 1" which was signed by 34 teachers and writers and explained the goals of "C.H." In 1973 was published "Humanist Manifesto 2," which was signed by many influential people of the world (Including those in the USSR).

This sect considers man — master of the world and the highest creation of nature. God doesn’t exist. Prayers will not help. A man has to depend only on his own strength. Ethics, morals and Commandments are creations of men and can be changed at will, depending on time, place and circumstances. A man has to be independent of any higher authority and has to govern his life by his own will, which benefits only himself. He does not have to take care of the sick or poor. Abortion — is his right. Family life should not be bound by any church or civic laws; to have a mate and physical pleasure — is his right.

Uncurbed freedom brings this sect close to atheism and is dangerous, since it corrupts with its propaganda our society, and most importantly — our youth. "C.H." Tries to recruit people with authority and influence, such as: writers, artists, owners of movie studios, etc. Hollywood produced several anti-religious and amoral movies for young people and children. There are also novels and stories with similar content. The corrupt influence of this sect is visible in our society and among young people, and it is capable of destroying any country.

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