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The 7th Day Adventists (Eschatological confusion)

This is an American sect which is close to that of the Baptist, but gives preference to the Old Testament. It was originated circa 1830 — 40, by a farmer William Miller. By reading the Holy Scripture he came to the conclusion that the end of the world was near and the beginning of 1000 years of the Kingdom of Christ was to follow. He was confused by the words of Christ: "But of that day and hour knoweth no man, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only" (Mat. 24:36). He decided, that this was literally about hours and days, but not applied to the years. He calculated on his own, that the Second Coming of Christ would be in 1844. He also indicated the time, day and a mountain in the state of New York, where Jesus Christ would come. His followers, dressed in white garments, gathered in large numbers at the Mountain of Judgment. After their disappointment, all followers remained faithful to Miller. Non-Christian elements misused the trust of the followers of this movement to enrich themselves. One of Miller’s followers, by the name of George Sparr published his sermons in which he rejected the immortality of a soul and maintained that eternal suffering — is the complete annihilation of a sinner. The date of the Second Coming was changed to 1914, then to 1933, and finally to 1995. This last date coincided with the prediction of some Jewish rabbis who were waiting for the coming of their "messiah."

The Adventists teach that the Second Coming is the most important part in the Holy Scripture, everything else is — secondary. They accept very literally the 20th chapter in the Book of Revelation and on this assumption they teach that in the 1000 years in the Kingdom of Christ only the righteous will be resurrected. After 1000 years Christ will come for the third time, when all sinners will be resurrected and the heavenly fire will soon annihilate them. The earth will become "newly" inhabited only by the "righteous," and eternal paradise will begin.

The Orthodox Church teaches, that the 1000 year period in the 20th chapter in the Book of Revelation is in an allegoric sense: after His death on the cross and His Resurrection, the Lord Jesus Christ took away from Satan the power over mankind. The number 1000 is a symbol and represents a long period of time, the exactness known only to God. Before the end of time, the Devil will regain some power over the unfaithful, but only for a short time. Jesus Christ will come the Second time to judge the world, after which the eternal Kingdom will begin. Therefore, "the First Resurrection" — is the spiritual regeneration of the faithful, which had begun from the time of Christ and is continuing until now. "The Second Coming" — is when all souls will be united with their renewed and resurrected bodies, which will happen at the end of time (the end of the world). Then all people will be resurrected, not only the righteous ones. Their appearance at resurrection will reflect their spiritual state: righteous or sinful. We have to remember, that The Book of Revelation is full of symbols, and it has to be understood in the context of Christian teaching about the end of the world.

The teaching of our Savior about "The Second Comming" is well described in the Holy Gospel and in the Writings of Apostles (see Mat. ch. 24; 1 Thes.4:13-18 through 5:1-3; 2 Thes. ch.2).

It has nothing to do with Adventist teaching. The Holy Gospel is very specific about two comings of Christ and about One Judgment: first, when Christ was born in the town of Bethlehem; second — before the end of the world. Some teachings of Adventists were taken from rabbinical books and are relevant to rabbinical teachings about the Jewish Messiah. The teaching about the third coming of Christ is totally made up by Adventists.

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